About Us

B2B Foodstuff Company W.L.L has effectively established itself as the main importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of spices, pulses, legumes, canned food, rice, oils, sauces, dry fruits, nuts, other dry foods as well as many other food products in Kuwait. We are also an ISO certified company as well as HACCP certified which means our food standard and quality meets and exceeds market standards.


We import 100s of SKUs from all over the world exclusively in Kuwait. Many of our import sources come from Asia and South America as well as Europe. We receive 100s of shipments every month which are immediately processed and released due to our strong and ethical reputation with custom control.


We distribute from large to small customer that vary from wholesale, restaurants, 5-star hotels, grocery shops and catering companies. Our local contacts in Kuwait is our asset which reaches from corner to corner with a high volume of repeat orders due to our commitment to bulk orders well as retail orders. We listen and fulfil our customer requests as that have created a strong and trust-based relationship for many years.


Our wholesale side of business is in particularly our main strength in Kuwait. We have dominated the wholesale business and are the main providers to wholesale buyers, wholesale resellers, restaurants, hotels, grocery shops and many other entities specializing in wholesale purchasing and wholesale channels.


As for the retail market we are distributing our brands to supermarkets, Co-ops, hypermarkets and even grocery shops all over Kuwait. Our brands have successfully achieved permanent shelving status with all of the big retailers.

Our sales and marketing strategies come in many different forms and with great local and cultural knowledge. We are always active and have been very successful in moving products from shelf to customers. With our excellent and versatile sales team, we know when and at what price to infiltrate the consumer market.

Our Team

Our distribution team is comprised of several departments that cater to different markets within Kuwait. Our team are made of professional and hardworking individuals who understand the volume of our business and everyday trade to make it a mega success.


We have the ability to increase our capacity thanks to our large facilities and many distribution channels that are constantly being upgraded and improved with cutting edge logistical technology.


We are constantly open to reviewing more international and local brands who are looking for a secure, assured and nation-wide infiltration of Kuwait’s market in terms of exporting, distribution, wholesale or/and retailing.


We are as versatile as the market keeps evolving. Therefore, it is imminent that we reach each milestone aggressively, efficiently and with speed that brings results. Hence, we constantly drive up our sales and product offering to cover and overtake aspects of the food market.